T -24 and counting

So this is all going to be a bit weird.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll push off from ThreePM/Dennis and that will be it. When everyone else troops back to work in January I’ll be at home fighting the urge to stay in my dressing gown and watch daytime TV.

I’ve been here before of course, but that was 20 years ago when both the world and I were much younger (in those days being part of the digital revolution meant having a fax machine). Compared to 1992 though, I think most things are positive – I have more options than I did then, I have more knowledge and experience, and I certainly have more savings. On the negative side, this is a worse recession than the early ’90s and 2012 looks as if it is going to be particularly grotty. Oh, and I’m 20 years older.

Hey ho. Off we go then.


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