Ratcheting up the excitement

Those of you still drawing breath after the rollercoaster ride that was my blog post on VAT on digital products might have to lie down as I’ve just written several hundred words on post-War planning for London. You’ll find the full post on one of my other blogs here.

The Abercrombie plans were an attempt to solve the problems of overcrowding, traffic and the noise and dirt of having industrial centres in the middle of residential areas in one fell swoop. Visionary, radical and almost certainly impractical, the Plan did, on one hand, stress the importance of the Green Belt and green space generally for London, and on the other hand, ultimately resulted in Harlow, Stevenage, Basildon and the other 1950s ‘New Towns’.

I am working on a blog post on ‘content’ and marketing, honest, but when you have things like VAT and plans for Ring Roads demanding attention, sometimes you have to prioritise.


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