Publishing’s Small World

The first thing I was told when I stepped through the door at iSUBSCRiBE was that they had just agreed terms to run the W H Smith magazine subscription site.

It was something of a jaw-dropping moment, because I’d been involved in setting up the original site with ThreePM back in 2003 (it was the original spark for us to get magazines signed up to the online subscription site that became Magazine Group); I was basically going to be dealing with the same people as I had been for the past four years, but for an entirely different company.

The bigger point, is that this is what happens to all of us who work in publishing, all the time. Yes, lots of people leave the industry, but it is common to see the same names crop up at different companies or on different titles, to say nothing of the ‘lifers’ who stay with one firm for tens of years.

That means it is more than likely that the person you do a favour for, or the person you right royally piss off, is going to come back into your working life at some point when you or they are in different roles, or when the balance of power has shifted to them. And there’s a fair chance that they will repay what was given out.


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