On training

Bloody weather.

I hate cycling in the rain, so anything more than a light drizzle keeps the bike stowed away.

Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem. I’d become slightly less fit and slightly more fat as the bad weather kept me on public transport, but other than having to let my belt out a notch there wouldn’t be any real consequences.

However, as I’m currently trying to get fit enough to cycle 100km around London on the 9th June (what, you didn’t know? I thought I’d mentioned it.) the time out from riding the bike means that my training schedule is starting to look a little ropy. With five weeks to go I should be cycling 100km a week and doing a long ride of around 50km – last week I did around 40km in total.

There was already the slight problem that as iSubscribe is only a couple of miles from house my regular commuting cycle has had to be augmented by elaborate detours on the way home. These include the ‘Roehampton diversion‘ and the ‘Richmond Park extension‘, but unless it’s dry I’m not going to do these regularly.

So I’m hoping for at least a little dry weather this weekend so I can get out for a couple of hours and do 40-50km. Otherwise, come 9 June I’ll be giving up half way and trying to get a lift home.

If you want to give money to Brain Tumour UK (the people I’m doing this cycle ride for) go to my VirginMoneyGiving page.


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