Crowdsourcing some questions

What do you want to know about publishers’ digital marketing strategies?

Next week iSubscribe is running the first of a series of round table discussions with marketing and subs directors from consumer and B2B publishers on the major issues for our business and, particularly, for subscription teams. I’ll post up a brief summary of the discussion here next week and InPublishing magazine will do a fuller write-up in their November/December issue.

The first topic is going to be around the strategic issues facing subs departments with the introduction of/transition to digital products. There’s been plenty of coverage on what publishing businesses are doing from the point of view of product and technology, but very little on how marketing teams are having to change to deal with the new world.

What would you like to see discussed, and are there any questions that you would like to put to our panel?

Some of the subjects we’ll be talking about include whether new teams are being put together to deal with non-traditional products, or whether existing teams are now working cross-platform (and the views on which approach works best). Are different types of people having to be recruited or are existing staff sufficiently skilled to cope? What level of input does the subs team have into the launch of new products and the UX of these developments? How are bureaus dealing with the digital revolution? What is the rationale behind digital pricing, and who is responsible for setting those prices?

And one of the big questions, in the pursuit of ‘the new’ how do we avoid neglecting the traditional? Magazine subscription revenues are huge, so how do you make sure that these continue to grow while also dealing with successfully launching onto new platforms?

What else would you like to see raised? Post a comment below, or drop me an email and we’ll chuck it into the mix.


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