The iSUBSCRiBE subscriptions report

isubscribe magazine subscriptions reportI’ve spent the last few days cloistered with spreadsheets, digging down into the data of last week’s ABC report. What we’ve been trying to do is pull out information about magazine subs specifically, and that has resulted in our first iSUBSCRiBE Subscriptions Report, which you can download here for free.

The analysis shows that paid subs are an increasingly important part of magazines’ sales and now represent 24.2% of the total of actively purchased magazines. This is up from 23% for the comparable period in 2011 and from around 18% in 2007, and shows that the dependability of subscription sales is helping to offset pressures on the newsstand. Of the 503 titles in the ABC Report (which, of course, includes customer magazines and titles that use a free distribution model), there are 239 whose single copy subs represent more than 25% of their active purchased copies, and 88 titles where subs are more than half. In last year’s return those numbers were 219 and 73, again demonstrating that for many titles, paid subscriptions are becoming a much more significant part of the circulation mix. 15 companies now have over 100,000 subscribers on file, led by Immediate Media with 990,497, Hearst with 815,949 and IPC with 752,892.

136 magazines reported year on year subscription increases, star performers being Focus and Private Eye which each increased subs be over 10,000.

Details of the full contents, and a free download of the whole report, can be found here.





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