The £5 Social Media Experiment

Come June I’ll be once again swinging back into the saddle to cycle 100km around London during the night.

And once again I’ll be trying to get sponsorship on behalf of a couple of charities that support patients and research in brain tumours and cancer in memory of my best friend Jeff.

This time though all I’m asking for is a donation of £5. (You can donate here)

Last year many people were very generous and over £1100 was raised, but this year all I want from you is £5 – a fiver, five quid. The price of two cups of milky coffee, or a pint and half of bitter, or a return ticket to East Finchley (I’ve been to East Finchley – I’m doing you a favour by taking your tube fare).

The idea is to get more people to sponsor and to pass the message on. I’d like to get sponsorships from friends of friends of friends and see how far out the ripples stretch.

Of course this might all fall flat on its face and only a puny amount gets raised – but I’d like to see whether this spreads beyond my immediate circle.

So put down your five quid (I’m happy to take cash, so if you bump into me give me your £5 and I’ll pay it in online myself). I’ve paid all the costs of doing the ride so every penny donated goes to the charities.

And tweet, Facebook, email and share this link as far and as wide as you can – and let’s see what happens.

Here’s the link to the donation page – think of it as the new home for that £5 note in your pocket.


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