Why I want your fiver

So that’s all the training done – a 42 mile tootle through South London on Sunday morning was the last of it. The weather forecast is good, the bike is serviced and I could give Bradley Wiggins a run for his money (not really). Now all I need to do is the actual ride next Saturday night/Sunday morning.


All you need to do is give me five quid*. Not much to ask is it?

And every penny that you do give will be going to a couple of really good causes.

There’s The Brain Tumour Charity which funds scientific and clinical research into brain tumours and offers support and information to those affected, whilst raising awareness and influencing policy.

In 2010 there were 9,000 people diagnosed with a primary brain tumour. That seems like a fairly small number, but one of those 9,000 diagnosed in 2010 was my best friend Jeff. He died on 5 July 2011. That’s why I want to raise money for the charity – brain tumours are nasty, insidious things and the effect they have on the sufferers and their families is hideous. Anything that can be done to reduce the number of cases and to support those suffering from them is to be encouraged. (Five quid can help)

The other charity is The Big C which provided some of that help and support that Jeff and his family needed. The Big C’s scientists, nurses and the hospitals they equip give people in Norfolk a fighting chance to beat cancer and provide them with hope for the future. Local top-class cancer care is important; the disease and its treatment is debilitating enough without adding in hundreds of miles of travel. It’s certainly worth five quid.

I’ll be live tweeting my ride (sort of) so any insomniacs among you should follow me on Twitter for updates through the early hours of Sunday.

And don’t forget your five quid. Donate here.

*(Actually there is one more thing you can do. See those social sharing buttons down there? Email, tweet or Facebook a link to this post and encourage others to give their fiver as well.)


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