The Future of Subscription Bureaus

Last year we ran a round table discussion where various publishers talked about the challenges of marketing digital products. At the end of this month we are running another event when MDs of five subscription bureaus will discuss the future of their business. This is a period of unprecedented change for subs bureaus. On the one hand, there are fewer titles and the increase in print subscriptions seems to have stalled; on the other, the growth of digital presents both a huge opportunity and a significant threat to the ‘traditional’ subscription house model.

How are bureaus reacting to these changes? What are the key strategic threats and opportunities to the bureaus’ businesses? What is each company doing to put itself in the best position to thrive in this dynamic market? How are they funding the huge amount of development that they need to make?

We’ll write up the discussion and post up a summary here and on LinkedIn, and InPublishing should also be carrying a piece about it in its September issue.

What questions would you want to put to the participants? Email me (or add something to the comments below) and I’ll raise your concerns with them.


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