Why print still matters

Over on the shop site we run for magCulture there’s a unique publication on offer. Called My Favo(u)rite Magazine, it’s a one off where 88 ‘people who make magazines’ choose their favourite-ever single copy of a magazine. It’s been produced to raise funds for Bob Newman.

There’s an entry by Richard Turley, the creative director of BloombergBusinessWeek that encapsulates why people love printed magazines. A colleague of his had stumbled across an old title from 1971 and absolutely loved what he’d found. After they’d both looked at it and talked about it for a while Turley’s colleague said “Sadly, no one will ever stumble upon an old iPad app.”

“That tiny sentence was both a kick in the teeth and an awakening. That tiny sentence made me want to fight for magazines – for print – harder than ever…Because the magazine legacy that we’ve all inherited is too rich, too brilliant, too important to shrug off.

We can’t let print drift into irrelevance on our watch.”



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