Delivery Fail

The regular reader of this blog will know that I’m quite keen that customers get their products swiftly. It matters not that your site is a paradigm of UX if the goods someone orders turn up three weeks late.

So even I got excited when a colleague in the office said that Oasis were doing 90 minute (90 minute!) delivery to selected postcodes and that it cost only £6.99 and was free for orders over £100. This surely, is a game changer.

Egged on by me, said colleague ordered a pair of boots, selected 90 minute delivery, paid, and got the confirmation email. There was even GPS tracking of the order so you could watch it driving towards the office.

Except. 15 minutes after placing the order she got a voicemail message from Oasis. The 90 minute delivery is fulfilled from the nearest store and although “the system” had said that particular style and size of boot was in stock, it wasn’t. So the order was being cancelled.

Oasis turned the game changer into a spectacular fail. Not only was the promised delivery not made, there was no alternative – why not give the customer the option of getting the goods the next day (from other stock) and having all the delivery charge refunded? Or passing the order to a store that has stock and letting the customer know that the 90 minutes might now be 2 hours (and refunding delivery).

90 minute, same day, next day delivery is great – but what is your contingency plan when something goes wrong?


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