The iSUBSCRiBE subscriptions report

REPORT-GRAPHIC-social-mediaOnce again I’ve gone toe-to-toe with the ABC returns and pulled out data galore on subscriptions. Tables! Graphs! Charts! with a bit of analysis, comment and speculation thrown in for good measure. It runs to around 20 pages and you can download your free copy here.

To whet your appetite, some key facts are:

  • Saga is still the number 1 subscription title in the UK, but Radio Times has now moved into the number 2 spot
  • There are 7,146,375 print subscriptions reported
  • Print subs are now nearly 25% of actively purchased magazine sales
  • 15 companies have over 100,000 subs on file
  • Glamour added over 21,000 print subscriptions last year

An interesting/complicating factor this time around is ABC’s inclusion of digital editions. This isn’t all digital editions, just those that are basic facsimile versions of the print product (so it excludes a lot of apps and other editions), but even so there are a further 413,740 subs to add to the print total.

Uniquely (genuinely, you won’t find it anywhere else) the report shows the top 100 subscription titles using the combined print and digital edition figures, and the combined figures for the major publishing companies.

Follow this link to download your free copy, and please email me or post questions below if you would like more specific information.


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