Where I Give Myself a New Job

Pantone_SkinTone_Guide_gallery copyLast month I announced the launch of subs.guru to a jubilant world (I believe that the event is still being celebrated in some of the remoter parts of Tajikistan. And Middlesbrough.).

At the risk of spoiling you still further, I’m pleased to tell you about venture number two, TheBrownConsultancy – of which I’ve declared myself the managing director (I might promote myself to CEO if I do a good enough job over the next six months).

Whereas subs.guru is aimed at publishing companies and those where subscriptions is the major part of their business model, The Brown Consultancy is pitched towards businesses that want some support on either their digital marketing strategy, their ecommerce activity or managing specific campaigns. I want to be able to share the experience I’ve gained from two quite active ecommerce businesses to help companies that are looking to improve their ROI and lower their CPA, whether they’re using search, affiliate networks, email marketing or other digital channels to gain orders.

I’ve played around with my old blog site a bit to build this web site using WordPress, so you can find out a bit more about me and the services on offer using the menu above.


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