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Mobile optimisation – a couple of useful links

A project for a client on the potential a mobile optimised site might give their ecommerce efforts. For desktop traffic their site is achieving vertigo-inducing conversion rates, but it isn’t either responsive or adaptive (difference here) so phones and tablets convert relatively poorly.

Making the business case for mobile is something most of us have to grapple with – we know it’s a no-brainer, but finding hard figures that support the investment is more problematic. So that meant a lot of googling and a lot of online reading (isn’t the interweb just marvellous) and some sources you might find useful.

Econsultancy (as always) has tons of good stuff, including this piece that compares (anonymous) retailer data across three sectors and shows that not only do conversion rates go up on optimised sites, but the average order value increases too; customers seem to browse more and therefore buy more. These findings are backed up by this blog post from a company called Storm who, slightly disappointingly, only sell packaging supplies. (I mean, come on, calling yourselves Storm implies sound and fury, not cardboard boxes.)

Then in this useful post from Smart Insights about conversion rates, I found this excellent link to the Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly (you can download it here). These guys have benchmarked conversion rates, segmented by devices for large US ecommerce brands. There is a great deal of relevant stuff in there, including figures on the growth of mobile/tablet traffic (“One out of every three visits to leading ecommerce websites now comes from either a tablet or smartphone—up from one out of five just last year“) as well as lots of rather useful data and charts. By going back through the past Monetate reports one can see how the conversion rates have changed over the past three to four years. Basically, traffic through mobile converts at around 30% of desktop, and tablet traffic at around 80%. Both these figures have drifted down slightly from three years ago.

So, have a look in analytics and see how your traffic is converting. If it’s more than these benchmarks pat yourself on the back; if it’s less, then that’s your opportunity.


Going mobile – web links this week

This week’s reading list is to do with making sure your sites are optimised for mobile. Why? Because this is where your customers are moving, a trend that will accelerate over the next few years. Half of the UK population now owns a smartphone, Morgan Stanley estimate that there will be 10 billion mobile devices in circulation worldwide by 2020, Apple sold 37 million iphones in quarter 4 last year, Samsung did almost the same for its smartphones, 27 million iPad and android tablets were sold in Q4. (more…)

This week, I have been mostly reading…

Some useful articles that I’ve seen around the interweb over the past seven days or so.

I’m going to come back to the first two in a longer post shortly, but you should read these pieces fully. They highlight further problems (or should that be ‘challenges’) with some of the web models out there which forward-thinking digital marketers (that’s you isn’t it?) need to be addressing: (more…)