Make sure your team is up to speed with the digital marketing skills that your business needs to compete. These short training sessions are suitable for small groups or one-to-one and will provide the key to improving your marketing performance.

Bespoke training sessions are also available – just contact me for information.

  • Lifetime Value and ROI

Increase sales and profits by looking at the long term revenue streams of customers. We’ll look at the principles underlying recurring revenue and build simple models to plan marketing spend.

  • Digital Marketing Basics

Is your team making the most of the range of digital marketing channels and techniques? Discover the strengths and weaknesses of PPC, email, SEO, affiliates and social, and learn how to combine these for the most effective return. (2 hours)

  • Subscriptions promotions

What will make your subscription marketing efforts perform to their full potential? Using a wide range of examples, we’ll look at how to maximise the return from your promotions. (full day)

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