More about delivery

imgresSat ploughing my way through HMRC’s online self-assessment form (31 January deadline everyone), thoughts naturally turn to the subject of tax. However much I try to lard my expenses, or burnish my charitable donations, I’m still forking out a considerable percentage of my income to George and Dave.

That’s why I always grind a tooth whenever I buy something from Amazon; if I’m handing over a large wedge of my hard-earned, I begrudge their ‘tax mitigation‘ activities that allow them to sell billions of pounds-worth of product in this country and (perfectly legally, of course) avoid paying what a reasonable person might think of as a reasonable amount of corporation tax.

But I buy a lot of books and I’m a cheapskate, so up until now I’ve put up with the teeth-grinding in order to save a few quid.

Up until now. I’ve just discovered the Waterstone’s ‘reserve and collect‘ service which combines my need for cheapness with my love of efficiently implemented delivery and customer service. (more…)