Is Magazine Publishing Screwed?

The question asked by Warren Ellis on his blog. The answers all tend to think that it isn’t, but that it is evolving.

Even taking this broadly positive view it’s worth remembering that in all evolutions there are extinctions. Certain parts of the magazine business are already right royally screwed – controlled circulation B2B titles have almost ceased to exist and paid-for B2B magazines aren’t looking too clever; once popular sectors of consumer publishing are on their way out – music magazines or listings titles for example – and other genres are anaemic relics with a sell by date fast approaching. In the next couple of years we will see several big companies move out of the ink on paper business (either voluntarily or because they go bust) and a number of household name titles simply disappear. Of course, not all of magazine publishing will wither and die, but we shouldn’t delude ourselves that there is any reason why it has to evolve and survive.



Affiliate Marketing 1.01

A copy of the presentation I did today for the Dovetail User Group over at the Institute of Directors (click to load the presentation in google docs). It’s called ‘Affiliates 1.01’ because the brief was for something very basic as an introduction for people who haven’t yet used affiliate marketing. ‘Very basic’ is obviously one of my core competencies; anyone who use affiliates already should just pass this blog post by (although there are some useful links at the foot of the page).